Prayer, Pain, and Friendship

This struggle with my surgery has been breathtaking.  I won’t deny that the pain and frustration has been unbearable at times. Nevertheless, pain opens new doors in understanding our relationship with God and the people in our lives.
It’s been lovely to experience so much love around me.  So many friends have called, written, stop by with meals, and offer words of encouragement. Suffering makes me put my life on hold, so I can reflect about my relationship with God.  How sweet it is.  Now, I see the little things that I worry about as nothing of great importance. I really feel blessed.
I have received a lesson in humility.  I can barely do anything by myself.  I cannot even hold my little ones.  It breaks my heart to see their sad look in their faces when they want me to hold them, but I just can’t.
On the other side, it’s been extraordinary seeing my boys and husband step up to the challenge.  They are cooking, doing laundry, dishwashing and taking care of the little ones.  I am proud of all these men in my life.

These pictures are from the Rosary walk.  I stayed behind with Catalina.  How much I enjoyed nature that day.  It was so easy to talk to God.  For me, prayer it is just thinking about God and letting Him talk.  Sometimes I just ask and ask, talk a lot, but I don’t listen.  This is something I have to work on.

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