Fight Against Plastic and Autism

During the last few weeks, my three-year-old child with autism has been stimming more than usual and having many meltdowns.

This behavior reminded me of her older ten-year-old brother, who still struggles with stimming.

Pondering about the possible causes for autism, I came across a documentary titled Plastic Planet. 
What an eye opener! Having had little time for baking, following a strict gluten-free diet, and utilizing disposable diapers, I gave in to the convenience of using plastic-made goods and feeding my children some processed foods. After watching this documentary, I realized that my behavior not only pollutes the environment, but may be affecting my family’s health. Immediately, I went online and found two websites that provide helpful information about the consequences to our health and the environment of using plastic-made goods. These are blog and blog. In the meantime, my husband drove to Walmart and bought Evenflo glass baby bottles with silicone nipples to start our transition to life without plastic. It is a worthy New Year’s resolution.

4 thoughts on “Fight Against Plastic and Autism

  1. Thank you for your post. The more people know about plastic and the harm it does to our environment, ourselves and our environment. It is shocking how something that is so harmful to us in the short and long term is so prolific in our everyday lives. The woman whose blog you cited, “My Plastic Free Life” I actually had the pleasure of speaking with a few weeks ago. Our conversation can be seen here — — if you are interested. I would love to see more about plastic and the effects it has on certain diseases such as autism — the more information out there the more quickly we will resolve this problem and start helping the health of ourselves and our planet.

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