Fight Against Plastic and Autism

During the last few weeks, my three-year-old child with autism has been stimming more than usual and having many meltdowns.

This behavior reminded me of her older ten-year-old brother, who still struggles with stimming.

Pondering about the possible causes for autism, I came across a documentary titled Plastic Planet. 
What an eye opener! Having had little time for baking, following a strict gluten-free diet, and utilizing disposable diapers, I gave in to the convenience of using plastic-made goods and feeding my children some processed foods. After watching this documentary, I realized that my behavior not only pollutes the environment, but may be affecting my family’s health. Immediately, I went online and found two websites that provide helpful information about the consequences to our health and the environment of using plastic-made goods. These are blog and blog. In the meantime, my husband drove to Walmart and bought Evenflo glass baby bottles with silicone nipples to start our transition to life without plastic. It is a worthy New Year’s resolution.


It is amazing how many things can happen in just two months.  After the surgery, two of my kids had MRSA.  Two weeks later,  another two had strep throat and scarlet fever.  Thank God, they are healthy now.
Before the surgery, I was desperate to cut my hair.  I tried many salons, but none worked out.  So, I did it myself.  The funny thing is that all my friends have seen me, but nobody noticed. That means I didn’t do such a bad job.  I did it late at night.  When my husband saw me the next day he said: “It looks good.  I can see that your medicines don’t cure your bipolar disorder.”